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[Freedom from Fear 2] “Stop civil war and implement immediate...

Lin Htein 21 June 19:55
"Stop civil war and implement immediate meaningful dialogue"
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It is an honour to invite you to the public demonstration entitled: "Stop civil war and implement immediate meaningful dialogue", taking place in front of the Burmese Embassy in London on the 24 of June 2011 at 13:00pm.

Due to the Burmese Central government's increased hostility, and its recent outrageous attacks on the ethnic groups, We, the Kachin National Organization – United Kingdom, are to conduct the public demonstration together with the KNO's overseas based across the globe. The chief part of its aim is to send our collective message to the Burmese Central government and international communities that we, as the ethnic, strongly object to resolving the Burma's political crisis
by the Military means.

Despite the recent election held, and the so-called civilian government formed, the human rights violations across the regions of Burma are committed at an unprecedented scale. The military attacks on the vulnerable civilians, the systematic rapes and other forms of crimes against humanity are widespread in the ethnic-based territory of Shan State and Eastern part of Burma. This clearly demonstrates that the newly elected government has, by any means, no desire to address such fundamental issues. We, as the Kachin ethnic, stress the needs for the tripartite dialogue: comprised of the representatives of the ethnics and the democrative groups in resolving the long political crisis-torn Burma. We further assert that this must be the way forward.

The Burmese government's deeply rooted mentality to eliminate the ethnic groups have had resulted in the violence and the conflictual acts against the Kachin ethnic in a very recent time. The clashes between KIA and the Burmese's troops across the regions in Kachin state are intensified. Therefore, It is anticipated that a further series of deadly battles are on the verge, putting the lives the civilians in a far greater degree of vulnerability .

We, therefore, Kachin National Organization, call on you to come together with solidarity against the Injustic acts of the regime and the military attacks towards the ethnics, in the peaceful demonstration.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Kachin National Organization – United Kingdom

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